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Are Your Appliances Summer Ready?

Summer is right around the corner and that means the kids will soon be out of school, and it also means it’s going to get hot. So, expect the kids to be around more often, and you can look forward to a whole list of extra things to be done around the house – and more work for your appliances. Whether it’s washing their sports uniforms, making more food than normal – and washing more dishes, or the increased opening and closing of the refrigerator as they reach for a drink or snack, this extra work means it’s extra important for those appliances to be properly functioning. Oftentimes, if an appliance’s performance gradually degenerates, we may not even realize it’s underperforming until it becomes obvious or something breaks. So, while your appliances are getting a workout this summer, here are just a handful of the many benefits a properly functioning appliance provides:

  • Save money: When appliances aren’t working harder than they need to, they use less energy, and that’s definitely a good thing for your gas or electric bill.
  • Save Time: If you’ve ever run a cycle on the dryer and the laundry still wasn’t dry, you already know what a pain it is to have to run the dryer longer or for a second time. Getting it dry the first go-round will give you time to spend on more important things.
  • Safety: A properly working appliance is a safer appliance. When your burners, oven, or dryer are at their best, the risk of a fire drops drastically.
  • Cleaner: You can expect cleaner clothes and dishes when your washing machine and dishwasher are at their best.
  • Better Food: A dirty microwave or oven can leave unwelcome flavors after food has been cooked in them. If your microwave, stove, or oven are not functioning properly, it could lead to meals not being cooked properly – they could end up burned or undercooked.

There are certainly other reasons you want your appliances to be in tip-top shape, but these are some of the biggest ones for your home. If you need any help getting your appliances ready for the summer, we hope you’ll consider Appliance Man for your appliance and parts needs. You can contact us online by filling out our form, call us directly at 801-562-0777 option 2, or stop by our store located at 9069 S. State Street in Sandy. As always, Thank You for Letting Our Family Help Yours!

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