Speed Queen: American Quality

American Quality There are certain indelible traits that make America what it is, like strength, leadership and quality. And these characteristics do more than define America—they define American products. The first Speed Queen® laundry machine was built in Ripon, Wisconsin, in 1908, and we’ve been proudly headquartered there ever since. In fact, we’ve never produced… Continue reading Speed Queen: American Quality

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How to Make Your Washer and Dryer Last

Manufacturers say you should get a good 10 years out of your laundry appliances By Kimberly Janeway Last updated: February 04, 2016   How long do you expect your new washer and dryer to last? Readers debate this in the comments section of Consumer Reports’ online stories and, given that most machines come with a… Continue reading How to Make Your Washer and Dryer Last